Allied Bank Limited Hacked By Pak Bugs

Hi Readers.,..
Pakistani Hackers are Famous In the World all World Know This..
Many are defacers and many are White hat .
Defacer's are many then White Hat Hackers..
TODAY we will Talk about a Defacer and Owner Of Pak Bugs..
Some of this group Member arrested Previous year..But today we are talking about the owner of the Pak Bugs.
Yes ! We are Talking about Xploiter.
A Hacker who Hack Google and Soneri and Habbib Bank Of Pakistan..
And Many More.
Today He Hack and Defaced an another bank name as Allied Bank Limited Of Pakistan.
Xploiter Is Interested in Hacking Of Banks.
He Upload a deface page not on Index
He just upload a file name as x.html
Following is the message and Screen shot of the hacked site.
       AsyncOS 7.0.1 ? Pentest your system !
You Must Have Heard About US on News , Headlines , Governament charges , Blogs , online news media , etc etc. We were focusing on Security Leaks to make Pak Banks Secure But some kids said our leaks are fake So we Defaced ! You Didn't Got Lesson after PKNIC , Soneri Bank and Habib Bank 's infrastructure was Hacked ? Still need BamboOo? Go and Pentest your system before Someone phish your trafic by changing login URL and make your client's financial loss. I Know If you Want to bring change Something in Pakistan you have to use Hockey/stick, Other ways are useless So we are Not going to waste Our Full Life Like Sir Amaar Jafri and P.I.S.A, We Have Our Own way to Point Out weakness !
                                          Secured Pakistani Cyber Space Zindabad ! !

                                                 .: Senior Pakistani Hackers Were Here :.
But the admin of the site is to Faster because when site was hacked after 2 min admin removed the x.html file from the server.
And Now the site restored...
But while i was writing news at the same time Allied Bank's Official Site was again Hacked and was defaced the  homepage.

Milan Tomic

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