Android Apps Infected By Malware's


in this modern world,There are millions users of android

 ,and many user love it .
But those days there is a bad news regarding to android apps. There is some malware in 32 apps
of android ,these 32 apps found also on google play.
                              This new malware has been found in more than 9 million downloads. 9 millions downloads ,mean 9 millions users of android been effected by this malware,some user also downloading these apps.
Company post the name of most malware containing app ,it is a game known as Savage Knife. This game or malware can do two things on your phone after installation . Fake alers will come that to download
some other infected malware apps and some other things also
like Alpha SMS which will hijack your phone and will silently signs Up for premium SmS,
and you didn't know what done.
                                     As you all know that Google have all things to secure so for this google trying to make their services secure for their users .
Google have also security machine called Bouncer. Bouncer will help you to identify malware apps in Google Store
Now all malware apps have been Deleted from app store.
But 9 million download is a big number and many of them can be effect by this.

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