Anonymous Hackers Leaked Data of FEMA

Anonymous hackers exposes details of U.S FEMA contractors
Anonymous hackers claimed  recently and  said that they got a server which is used by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
And also said that they have leaked some data of that server .Containing names addresses and some other information about FEMA Contractors ,Federal agents and local authoroties.

A message by the hacker to the FEMA:
This is a message from some of us, to FEMA, to various world governments and to their corporate lackeys who Lives in the shadows as well as to the 2.5 billion regular people who use the internet and have found that their right to privacy has been utterly destroyed."

The Leaked data base containing of User ID's MD5 hashes of the password's.
Following is the Leaked Database Photo By Anonymous:
 Anonymous also said that ,
"We are not fighting any one government , we are fighting any enemy of freedom of speech and anyone compromising the right to remain anonymous online, without fear of revenge from governments or corporations with the legal authority to destroy the lives of anyone who dares express "

Blog: http://www.PkCyberNews.Com


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