How To Secure Wordpress ? 5 Easy Steps To Secure

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So Today i got some intresting topic ,many blogger's ,Business ,Company admins, shops ,etc ,facing problem regarding their WORDPRESS sites.
Many people's speacially blogger bought domain for their blog but the problem is that many WORDPRESS GET HACKED because of thier Poor security , blogger are just busy with thier blog , traffic, posts, advertisement, etc.
They didnt think about their WORDPRESS SECURITY I have some knowledge about WORDPRESS SECURITY .
So i want to share it with you ,There are many ways to secure it but i want to tell you some common ways so let's Start'

1:Back Up :- 
The main topic is to save your data from every one make it sure that no one can get you personal data from your PC etc. We you think about any changces first get back up it will help you if some thing done wrong. You can do this manually or use an available plugin. BackUp is also important for us becuse if we lost our data ,before you lost it make a back up for your self ,then no tension for your WORDPRESS . Because if any accident occur ,your data will be save for this i recommend BackUp Buddy Download: It will Help You.

2:Update Version Of WP :-  
Second step is easy and important ,becuase if version is updated then there are less chance to from been hacked. You have to make sure that your WP is up to date. WORDPRESS create patches to fix their security holes from hackers. So always use update version of Wordpress. Following wordpress feed to find out about the latest updates or you could simply login to your admin. To update your WP i will recommend You Wordpress Development Feed Visit daily ,they will give you new released patch Get it From here : 

3:Install Wordpress Security Scan :- 
WP security scan is known as Plugins also. It's use is simple and easy for every one. This Plugins will scan your WP for vulnerabilities. The main thing is that it will inform you if and vulnerability founded or any malicious codes etc founded.. It will help you to maintain your security. And will help you to patch vulnerabilities , etc.
4: Secure Your wp-config.php :- 
Wp-config.php is important because it contains all the sensitive data and configuration of your WP therefore we must secure it through .htaccess. Simply adding the code below to the .htaccess file in to the root directory can do this trick: Code:
# protect wp-config.php
<files wp-config.php>
Order deny,allow
Deny from all

This code will denies access to the wp-config.php file to everyone .
5:Login Password :- 
 As many guys know that Wordpress default username and pass is ''admin''.. And many hackers also know this . We have to change this to our own choice it should be strong password. Becuase when a hacker brute force and if their brute force list contain your's password You will be hacked easliy. So make strong pass like symbols.. Because it will be difficult that hacker add this to thier brute force list. And if you add upper and lower case letter then this will be more Good : ) For example : jOHn/12abC ,etc.... 
Hope this all helps 
and also wp-admin make it secure or change the path.

it took 2 hours to wrote ,just to aware you .. From security

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