Interview With Xploiter Of PakBugs

Hi Xploiter
Hope You will fine
We will ask from you some new Questions..Xploiter

Q:tell about your self to our reader's
A: Hey Guys its Xploiter . Hope you all are fine

Q:What do you do?Student or have a job?

A: Well I have my own business .

Q:When YOu start love with hacking and when you start defacing?

A: Well I start in 1998 but I came into defacing in 2003 or 2004.

Q:How you Get into Cyber Space?

A: I was challenged by some guys in chatroom on that time so I have to enter to prove myself.

Q:Before PakBugs Are you a member of any Crew?
A: No , I was not member of any crew before PAKbugs but many Foreign crew knows me very well.

Q:Who is the Founder Of PakBugs Now?
A:ZombiE_ksA .

Q:What's Your Position in your Team?
A: I'm Co-admin

Q:In 2010 Some of Pakbugs memeber's were got arrested are you also?
A: No

Q:Whats Your Real age?
A: 32+

Q:Did you have any contact with ZOmbie_ksa
A: Ofcourse all team members have.

Q:Is Zombie_ksa active in defacements?
A: he is always active in projects but he is not into defacing.

Q:National hackers have to secure thier country Why you hack Paki Sites??
A:Actually I was focusing on Security leaks and I leaked HBL's entire database but some kids were barking that its fake we can't hack
(Here I am talking about Dr.Trojan aka h4x0rl1f3) So we start defacing other banks.

Q:Why you fight always with THA members and PCA member?
A:Well I don't know what is THA and who the fuck they are , We have no Fight with PAK Cyber Army aka PCA they are like our brothers and we work togather
several times , Some kids are faking Pak Cyber Army for fame and earning money , Pak cyber army made clarification about it that they don't have any lame fake forum , website ,
facebook page or public email. If you don't know cheeckk it on propakistani.

Q:Who Give you Knowledge about Hacking?
A: one and only one Allah Almighty .

Q:You only web Hacker Or?

A: Interesting question , I'm a Hacker not Script kiddie with zero back end knowledge , I'm good at all 7 layers but I love to exploit customized protocls
and breaking encryptions

Q:Do You work For FIA or any other Cyber crime agency?
A: N/A

Q:Any Gov. site admin or a Bank admin Contacted with You to secure thier Site?
A: Some guys contacted us and we help them out .

Q:Why you are emphasizing Cyber ACT for Secure Development?
A:I love my Cyber Space and I want to make it secure

Q:Who is Dr.Feak ? He Pakistani or?

A: Dr.Freak is arab with dual nationallity.

Q:Have you Got any response from a Gov. site admin?

A: yes by some site admins

Q:If a hacker want to join PakBugs What Skill's are required?
A: We are not running crew any more but I am thinking about it.

Q:If some one offer you Will you Work aboard as a Security Expert?
A: I don't gave a damn fuck

Q:Who are your Best friends in Cyber Space Now?
A: ZombiE_ksA , Risky , Dr.Freak , Hitcher , BMPoC and z3r0byt3

Q:Are You Teaching hacking to other for free?
A: I don't have enough time to teach but m guiding some juniors.

Q:It was Nice Talk with you xploiter

So hope reader you will also enjoy with us today............Thanks


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