FBI Spying On You Through Android


Cyber crime is been increasing day by day,& most of companies  , Business, data is been lost.

Many peoples lost their secret data from their database,many government sites have secret data which is been dumped by Hacker's.

             Some Hackers do this Job For fun and some for reason, to stop this cyber crime many agencies are in action to avoid the cyber crime from the world,but they didn't at yet.

For this FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation ) take a step ,it is not a new step taken by FBI for Cyber crime,in past FBI has used many hacking method to spy on such like criminals.
They Used keylogger , and microphones in mobile phones to spy.
Now FBI agents will hacking people's Andriod's , and personal PC's by using "MALWARES".

Now, FBI hires People who have hacking skills , and they purchase tools from them that are easier of doing these types f thing's (Spying).
Remember that US government is the world largest buyer of "MALWARES" .

            FBI developed "Port Reader" Software to intercept  internet metadata, US government is silently pressuring the telecommunications providers to install Eavesdropping Technology.
Most of the methods of FBI are secret but some of their are been Leaked, The former FBI official clamied that the method is to restricted to those associated with chid pornography.

Once they get the data , virus sends the information to an team tasked with removing all irrelevant data cleaned by the Spyware.

But the FBI android & PC spying are activated on the order of the court .
Now let's see how they less the cyber Crime.

Milan Tomic

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