How Hackers Get Caught? And How To Secure.

As you all know that hacking is a crime,not only web hacking all types of hacking is crime,
 Creidt card hacking,Database Hacking,etc.
Any thing which you get from another person computer data without his/her permission called HackinG and Known as Crime.
So how hacker get caught,every one want to know,                  
The main and common problem is IP address because IP address can be locate easily now any one can trace IP,But the reall power is ISP they have more powerfull tools.
                                   If they get and IP of a hacker they can trace a hacker easily,
But for this hacker do a trick to SPY They use VPN which change thier IP locations but some
 time due to bad VPN the hacker get caught.
The shell history will expose your actions. Another giveaway is leaving a “:wq” in /var/log/ messages or binary.
& another Thing, that takes you down 100% is "Bragging". It is common problem of beginning hackers. They like to brag, to earn respect and reputation but not knowing that is the matter of minutes,
 hours may be some days when they will be caught, but they didn't care they thought that no one can trace him because he hack many sites,many Credit cards etc he didn't get caught and in the future also,and that is the mistake of every hacker.

                                  Another mistake is that ,many hacker hack from their Home,i will recommend you that dont do this,take your time, and go to net cafe or anywhere else apart from home.
The code that you run on system will take you down.

 If you compile the code on target, libraries will give you away! .If your victm, notice, that he is maybe hacked, or something is wrong.
He will ask from his ISP for IP logs, and if you don't use VPN, or if you hack from home, they will hunt you easily.
 How To Save Your Self? :
Temporary guest accounts, unrestricted proxy servers, buggy Win-gate servers, and anonymous accounts can keep care of you.

Don't hack at home or if you hack then use VPN that save no LOGS.
How To clear LOGS ?:
 Choose Start > Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer.

                                          In either panel of the Event Viewer window, right-click System and then select Clear All Events. To save the current system log, click Yes when Windows returns the message, "Do you want to save 'System' before clearing it?",
 enter a file name for the saved system log file, and then click Save.
Use VPN? :
I will recommend you to use proXPN. It is VPN that do not store logs.  
How to Download? & install ProXPN:

ProXPN Windows installation:

(I used images from proXPN official website)

Click "Next"

Just click "Agree" here to continue installation.

Let the installer run until completion.

Just click the "Finish" button to complete the installation.

Welcome to the proXPN client. Click the "Don't have an account?" link to create a new account.

Enter your email address and the password of your choice. Then check the license agreement check box and click the "I agree - create account" button.

Click "OK" to finish the account signup process in the software client. 

Check your email for a greeting email from proXPN. In that email is a link which you will need to click in order to activate your free account. If it doesn't show up within a reasonable time frame, make sure to check your spam folders. Once you've clicked the link in the email, your account should be active. Go ahead and click the "connect" button to connect to proXPN

Once you connect, the system tray icon will turn green. You're now surfing safe and secure, courtesy of proXPN.

And you are done with securing yourself.
Just to make sure, go check if you are truly anonymous/SPY

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