Nargis Fakhri Official Site Got Hacked By H4$N4!N & ArYaNZ
Famous Indian Celebrity " Nargis Fakhri " Official website got hacked by two hacker's from the same country Pakistan . Hacker's wrote their code names on the deface site as
                                       "  H4$N4!N & ArYaNZ KhaN"
Both Hacker's are from Pakistan and defaced the Official site of Nargis Fakhri , But after a while the defaced site was changed to the Suspended site , and showing the message :
If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner:

 and According to official Facebook Fan Page  of Nargis she posted a status that "" is the official site  . But when the status was posted after 2 hrs Pakistani Hacker's Defaced the Index of the site .

Hacker's Left a message on the site which is as under :
HEY INDIA!; Think again! Salute oh martyr from the land of Kashmir, your last wish to recite verses of holy Quran was not fulfilled. But the dream you lived with, will surely be fulfilled. India will taste defeat. India celebrates this day while not realising what is coming for it now, this wont end the Intifada from Kashmir, you will see more and intesne reveolution.

From the Message the  reason is confirm that hacker's hack the site for to record the message for Kashmir . Following is the Scree SHot of hacked site :


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