Saudi Governement Plans To Recruit Hackers


The National Information Center of the Saudi Ministry of Interior is planning to employ native hackers in its efforts to define holes in the electronic networks in the Kingdom.
The external affairs coordinator at the center, Dr. Zaidan Al-Enezi, told Makkah daily that the center seeks to benefit from the distinguished abilities of some Saudi hackers.
“These hackers will undergo training to transform their abilities into productive energy, and some hackers are proficient in hacking websites only and do not have the capability of hacking programmed networks,” he said.
He explained that employment of hackers will be subject to the condition that they have not inflicted any previous damage to any government bodies, but that their previous hacking experience was only for self-recognition and esteem.
Al-Enezi pointed out that employing Saudi hackers is only a helpful step against hacking attempts, and it is not 100 percent effective.
He encouraged government bodies and Saudi universities to employ hackers to guard against hacking attempts and to plug any holes in their electronic networks.
“The center has the ability to track down the source of hacking attempts, and such information is then relayed to the Interpol, supported by evidence, so they may track down the culprits,” he added.
Al-Enezi noted that some hackers are conducting their activities by first hacking into others networks, and using these networks as basis for hacking or attacking other networks and sites.
He said that using international standards allows for preventing about 80 percent of hacking attacks, and the center will cooperate with other government bodies in implementing these standards.
“The center is continually developing its mechanisms and employing the latest technologies in electronic safety. The center cannot prevent attacks by hackers, but can only plug any holes that hackers may exploit in their attacks,” the official said.

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