Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Websites Hacked

Hacking and Defacing is on raise , Some Days Ago High Profile People Website and hacked and defaced including Indian politician ,and Media People's .
Two Days Ago Pakistan Film Actor " Veena Malik " Offical GOt Hacked and Defaced By Pakistani Hackers Team " Team MaXimizerS" "" and Today Same Team Defaced her Husband " Asad Bashir " website ""
On Veena Malik Website the Hacker Post the Leaked Pic's of Veena Malik and Left some Message for Veena Malik .  Message found on Veena Malik Website Was in Urdu :
Hacker Target the activities of Veena Malik and Warn Her .

And on Today Website Defaced of " Asad Bashir "  Message Left By The Hacker from " Team MaXiMiZerS :

"we Pakistani Hackers are Against you and GEO tv.
what You have done just shame on you.Its payback from our side. You will never create your respect in our hearts.
we feel shame to say you a MUSLIM. We love with our religion we love with our Paksitan. we live for it we will die for it"

Following is Screen Shot on Defaced Websites :

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