25 Facts About Linux Creater " Linus Torvalds"

Most people feel Linus Torvalds is the world's greatest computer programmer/hacker. So it’s not surprising that many of his loyal fans have applauded him and have recited stories about his great accomplishments.

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As cited on junauza.com, here are some mythical and rather humorous facts about Linus Torvalds:

1- His initial words were syscalls.

2- His DNA is in binary.

3- His first written program had artificial intelligence.

4- He already has Linux 3.0 and is just keeping it to himself for creating suspense.

5- He can touch MC Hammer.

6- He doesn't worry about Microsoft patent crap, he simply does "sudo mv /tmp/ms /dev/null".

7- He can perform infinite loop in five seconds... in his head.

8- He can install Gentoo in a week.

9- He can halt a BSOD... on Vista 64-bit.

10- He doesn't require anti-virus software. Virii need anti-Linus software.

11- He doesn't wear glasses any longer, not due to the fact that he has had a laser eye surgery, but as he finally got his xorg.conf properly configured in his head.

12- He wrote the whole kernel in binary and reverse engineered it to C code for others benefit.

13- He can play 3D games in his head by interpreting the source code in real-time.

14- He takes a single look at your desktop and knows which porn sites you visited over the past decade.

15- His computer's clock isn't synchronized with the world but the world synchronizes with Linus Torvalds's clock.

16- He surfs the web using nothing but netcat.

17- He has developed warp drive, sun destroying bombs and a ray that can teleport him a new sausage each day before he drinks his morning beer.

18- He doesn't push the flush toilet button, brush his teeth, shower or clean his house; he simply says, "make clean".

19- He can defragment an NTFS partition using hand.

20- He doesn't debug and programs are always perfect.

21- He is real, unless declared Integer.

22- He can delete the universe by typing rm -rf /.

23- He does not sleep; he hacks.

24- His favorite joke is HURD.

25- He didn't design Linux to run on the 386.

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