A New Banking Trojan "Kronos"

Trojan is being used in many projects by hackers for stealing info of many banks login details and many online bank accounts , Some Security Researchers from Trusteer have discovered a new Banking Trojan dubbed as "Kronos" which is being sold with high price in the Fourms.

The malware is being sold for $7,000 and the cyber criminals are offering one week test for the price of $1,000 with full access to the command and control server without any limitation.
As We Know Day By Day New Trojan's are developing so every have a different use , Same Like this Thisnew malware also capable of doing form grabbing and HTML Injection.

Kronos has user-mode rootkit(ring3) capabilities that will help this trojan to defend itself from other pieces of malware, will work in both 32bit and 64 bit Operating systems.

It is also designed to evade antivirus software and bypass Sandbox. The malware use encryption to communicate with the C&C server.

Trusteer said it has not yet analyzed the malware sample in order to validate the seller’s claims, all the information provided are based on the advertisement in the underground forum.


Milan Tomic

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