Millions Of Cyber Attacks On Govt. Websites Of Israel


The phone rang and startled as the head of Mossad, Hamas has fired the shell. Israel's throat as secretary on the phone bill dfa screamed. '' Attack on our websites gave to the news media. Who told the news site that the hacker group called Hacker's International Team aka HIT our more than 500 websites that were hacked.

'Sir, sir, sir, Please Calm Down . We are working on the case. The consolation was the formal head of the Mossad's strip. The hell are you doing ', these hackers all have our work then. You know what defense is being hacked websites? Know? You know what that means? Given the house keys to strangers. Our missile system is in their hands. We have all our intelligence and spy satellites should leave Iran and the Middle East are all Activation,, Deactivation and the Self-Destruction Codes Codes tips burned their fingers on the summit will come. And we still do not know who it is, what nationality are and what goals are. And if that reaction if Gaza is proof we do?

Captain Bourges run his fingers over the keyboard when operating under the Israeli Ministry of Defense or less opens a list of names of 500 websites, a list of names from the past two years in the archives of HIT-like birthmark safe said. Today was time for the Zionist state of khuddalny roots of cyberspace. Content limit was. 583 Palestinians were killed and fifteen days Ummah remained silent. But after seeing the bodies of Palestinians condemn sysuayy nothing came out of his mouth. But the condemnation was not repaired. Virus Turkish, Iranian and Pakistani intelligence of high-tech software engineers was immense.

His most dangerous ability was its simplicity. How to use it so it was easy to use, just like Google name listed in any site'm, programs used on the website, type anything into it, then wait kruaur feed. The virus related web site, admins names, User IDs, passwords, email accounts, all built on this site and their passwords, their database full of information and their web control panel all information would copy your password. Like a locker key. Major Iranian-funny HIT team was known as the Infected. Whose job using their web sites with information skills to crack and possibly erase the scars, and he was used as in this update. Captain Bourges had finished their fists at the Israel Ministry of Defense. It was just the pestle. The operation was completed. Major funny, the screen was raised, 'Launch' button. Virus started its work. Cleaning and washing of website data was simultaneously implemented.

Israeli Ministry of Defense with high siren sound in the operating room screens to monitor specific mono grams of HIT arise. It is clear that the Israeli Ministry of Defense under alarm the entire government and semi-government Web sites have come in the grip of HIT. Israel's cyber-attack in history, the biggest shock is now more or less a night of a thousand websites panch ready.

Note: According to reports in November 2012 that the Israeli servers were hit almost a thousand web sites. A night and a thousand web sites. Israeli defense officials, the media and their data were sfayyan pour wax on the Hill opened HIT .. forcing Israel had to give an official statement that "we have to fight cyber war would be irreparable damage to Israel will.

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