China Banned Apple Products

China has banned government officials from buying Apple Products ,
On Wednesday, a Bloomberg article claimed that China had banned the iPad and Mac from government purchasing due to security concerns.  According to reports, amid fears that America could hijack the company’s iPads and iPhones to spy on Beijing.

American politicians have, for years, cautioned government contractors against buying equipment made by Huawei and ZTE, the telecommunications firms, effectively banning them from doing business in the US.

China overall accounted for 16 percent of Apple's $37.4 billion in sales last quarter 
Washington’s intelligence committee did not have firm evidence of wrongdoing, but raised fears following “dozens and dozens” of calls about Huawei and ZTE equipment behaving suspiciously.
More recently, China has warned government officials not to buy antivirus software from Symantec Corporation and Kaspersky Lab,

After all This Story on Tuesday, We See That Both Didnt Accept this Ban ,   a Chinese news site said "instead that Apple simply failed to apply to be included on the list in question. And now both the Chinese government and Apple have weighed in with the same explanation."


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