SandroRAT , New Andiod Malware For Stealing Data

The Malware, dubbed SandroRAT, is currently being used by cybercriminals to target Android users in Poland via a widely spread email spam campaign ,
According to McAfee researcher Carlos Castillo, an email spam campaign was spotted in Poland distributing a version of the SandroRat with the name 'Kaspersky_Mobile_Security.apk.
"The email," he explained in a blog post, "tries to scare a user with the following subject:

(“Caution! Detected malware on your phone!”)
In the body of the message, the email claims a bank is providing the security software as a means to help customers detect malware targeting mobile transaction numbers (mTAN). Mobile transaction numbers are used to authenticate online banking transactions. Rather than an edition of security software from Kaspersky Lab however, the recipient of the email is actually getting malware. In Germany, the malware is being spread using SMS text messages.
"Spam campaigns (via SMS or email) are becoming a very popular way to distribute Android malware, which can steal personal information 

"This decryption routine will not work with Whatsapp chats encrypted by the latest version of the application because the encryption scheme (crypt7) has been updated to make it stronger (using a unique server salt)," he added. "Whatsapp users should update the app to the latest version."


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