All India Radio Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

All India Radio Station is state owned radio service, which makes All India Radio Government website. Muhammad Bilal Pakistani hacker been hard on Modi ever since Indian Elections were underway, Pakistani Hackersseems to be very concerned about India’s intention about Pakistan.



Pakistani Hackers do not  Compromise when it comes about the motherland PAKISTAN at any cost, they been constantly reminding about Kashmir issue on the World Wide Web, while this time All India Radio’s website hacked to remind KARGIL WAR History.
currently the site is filled with Kargil war history  Fact and figures, Year 1999 the last war between India and Pakistan ! Must read check out ….
The Note on All India Radio’s  website  By Pakistani Hackers 

If You Sheeps even think to cross the border and attack Pakistan , Come and Try us , We are waiting , We will destroy your lame army like we destroyed soviet union . We’re Watching u! .
Your Intelligence RAW and CBI is nothing infront of our loving ISI. ISI is still No.1 Intellingence agency arround the globe !
Why You forget Ghauri , Shaheen , Abdali , Hatf , Babur massiles before barking about Pakistan ! You sheeps think you got atom bomb and you can destroy Pakistan within hours ?
Oh man go and kill yourself If you think to fire atom bomb Keep it in mind your own half Country will be destroyed !
But We can Fire it on india having zero damage , more over you sheeps forget your 80% atomic system depend on air crafts , your army don’t have guts to face new hundreds of MM.Alam who will knock you down in dogfight and don’t forget our 90% atomic system is based on massile delivery system …


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