First Non-Nokia Windows Phone By Microsoft

Microsoft has officially revealed the Lumia 535, the first smartphone not to use Nokia branding after the company's Devices division was bought out in April this year. As predicted by early leaks, the budget handset might not have a Nokia logo, but it certainly carries Nokia DNA; it's bright, colourful and runs Windows Phone 8.1, but won't cost a fortune.
Designed primarily for emerging markets, with China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh first on the list to recieve it, the Lumia 535 isn't yet confirmd for launch in the UK, but as Microsoft's first phone to go it alone without the Nokia brand it's worth closer inspection; it will give us an idea what to expect from more powerful devices when Microsoft gets round to revealing them.
The most immediate changes are Microsoft logos in place of the Nokia one on the font and back of the handset, but it appears Microsoft has ditched all of Nokia's dedicated Windows Phone apps too.
Video of Microsoft Lumia 535 - Big on experience
Inside, the Lumia 535 is decidedly

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