There Is No Need Of Internet For Hacking , But How ??

Israel became isolated University scientists have invented a way to hacking through machines.

It is generally believed that computer to the Internet or Local Area Network (LAN) is not connected to the hackers are out of reach.
The secret government documents to business information from businesses that are stored in their computers. This technique the term 'air gap' is called, the data rescue from the hands of hackers is considered the safest way. But the experience has been proven through the data stolen from their machines can be isolated.

The experience of Israel has become a guryun University scientists. For this purpose, he designed a software called "keystrokes" can feel. This software keystrokes feel rydyusgnlz through the FM receiver is moved. These signals are emitted from the computer's graphic card. These signals over short distances of the FM signal receiver takes hold mobile phone.
Subsequently, the data are converted. During the experiment a famous Korean company computer experts Galaxy series of mobile phones are also commonly used in Pakistan. Through radio signals required for hacking into the computers of the same kind of Israeli experts designed or installed software. This is the first time the mobile phone is used in computer hacking.

Through radio signals a dangerous aspect of hacking techniques that computer users not able to evaluate the data saved in the hard disk stolen .Because FM signals reach long distance, so far away from hacker can achieve. Experts say that this experience has proven that 'AirGap' technique is not effective for data protection, and to protect sensitive information no longer have to find another way.

Israeli experts have conducted my own research recently presented at an international conference. He also said that any institution to institution for the criminally minded employees not difficult to steal sensitive data. The bus computer will install the software, as they are designed, and all data will be transferred to their mobile phone.

Experts were already aware of the fact that the electromagnetic signals emitted from computer monitors can be caught and may be known by what is shown on the screen. Hackers, computer monitors radio frequency transmitter is changed. It is said that the National Security Agency countless computers installed in the radio frequency devices through the theft of information are kept.

Radio signals through the data feed process is slow. 3 to 22 feet on the distance between the data transfer speed, it is only 60 bytes per second dilemma is extremely dangerous from the point of view of security, because it will create its own smartphone and a computer hacker to steal data can you send.
According to experts, to avoid this kind of hacking is at present the only way that sensitive information stored in the computer, be it metal kntyr. Container walls so thick that the radio waves can not pass.

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