4 Year Old boy arrested for Hacking FBI Computers

I don’t know is this true or no, but as per the research of the website (worldnewsdailyreport) the report seems to be original, or if this is a parody website, so just ignore that and just enjoy the post. It maybe sounding too unrealistic .Well, the "weird news" is from Los Angeles—A 4-year old kid from the California has been arrested for hacking into the internal network of the FBIthree times, but his information is still kept Anonymous.

Why a 4-Year old hacked FBI Networks?

Actually, he is accused of hacking into the FBI networks to gather information about his Mother’s new boyfriend, and that boy hacked all the firewalls and security systems in minutes, and the databases of FBI were also accessed. It sounds something funny or weird that how a 4-year old boy can do it in minutes , isn't it?
Along with the FBI, CIA and other police departments databases were also accessed to find official records of his new stepfather.
Bill L. Lewis, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Division, announced that the accused’s young age would certainly have to be taken into account, but that “considering the gravity of the crimes he committed” and the “consequences that his actions could have on the credibility the federal authorities”, the charges had to be serious.
So, the question raises—How that 4-Year old boy learned to us a computer, as till the last Christmas there was not any computer in their house, and his mother is too an uneducated hairdresser have very little computer skills which everyone knows. MYSTERY? :D

Recently the boy's Mother’s ex-boyfriend gave a Laptop, and FBI is inspecting that Laptop and interrogating with the boy to seek more info that actually How he was able to hack into the systems.
If a 4-Year old boy able to hack the FBI computers and access sensitive information, so it is not hard to crack the systems by foreign spies too.THINK ABOUT IT!!

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