Top 10 Pakistani Hackers List 2014

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#/ h4x0rL1f3 = 35,178 = Team Madleets#/
KillerMind = 32,782 =#/
h4x0r HusSy = 18,467 = Team Madleets#/
ZCompany Hacking Crew = 5,246 = ZHC#/
TheHackersArmy = 6,325 = THA#/
Dr-Silent = 3,338 = Team Madleets#/
Romantic = 2,767 =#/
intruder = 2,729 =#/
hasnain haxor = 2,234 = Pakistan haxors Crew#/
Muhammad Bilal = 1,980 = Pak Cyber Experts

But The Real Hero Of Pakistani Cyber Space is..
ZombiE_KsA - PakBugs
ZombiE_KsA is the first Pakistani hacker who Hacked "google" ,"Nr3c FIA Official Site" "microsoft" , "yahoo" ,"CBI India".".Indian CID website", "aol" ,"toshiba", "hotmail" , "Cisco" , "Bsnl", "Citibank" , "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Website" "Mp Police" , "Tn Police" , "Central Bank Of India" , "Pak Govt", "bank of baroda" , "Geo TV" , "ZEE TV USA" and other famous sites domains.
Ch3rb0by1 - Pak Mad Hunters
who Hacked "Isreali Websites" "PIA Website" "Indian BSNL" "Pakistani High Profile Gov Sites" "indian Nic's" "State Bank Of india" "HUM Tv Website" "Afghan BanK"
"Indian Hackers Websites" "reliance india" "ZeeTv USA " "Zeetv Canada" "Zeetv South Africa" "Indian gov sites"
Xploiter - Pakbugs - Xploiters
"soneri bank" "Andhra Pardesh Bank" "pakistan bar council" "tameer bank" "Pro Pakistani" "Skype" "live" "And 7 Shadow008 Websites" "mcafee" "CNN" "The News" ;and other Pakistani High Profile Websites


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