Best Asian Startup's 2014

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Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us or tell us about your startup on this form. Any juicy tech news tips go here. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Savaree | Pakistan

Savaree, a carpooling app in Pakistan where somebody who has a car can pick up passengers going the same way who can contribute to the fuel expenses. They got incubated as part of the first batch of Lums Center of Entrepreneurship (LCE) in Lahore. They launched the Android app in April.

2. Kagura | Japan

Developed by Fukuoka-based startup Shikumi Design, Kagura is an app which relies on Intel’s RealSense 3D camera. The Kinect-like peripheral combines a 1080p camera with an infrared sensor that can recognize depth of field – and thus the movements of a person positioned in front of it. In the case of Kagura, users can make original music out of thin air.

3. Fynd| Singapore

Singapore-based Fynd matches an on-site tech support geek to your exact need, whether it’s software installation, router and network setup, or IT security. At the same time, the startup also wants to improve the earnings of tech support personnel by giving them an opportunity to make money using their free time.

4. RideIT | India

RideIT, a Hyderabad based startup, is a ride-share matching service exclusively for working professionals could find people traveling the same route to work. The startup plans a launch of the iOS and Android apps in January and expects to customize the app towards gated communities and colleges in the near future. The firm is also planning to expand to cities beyond Hyderabad.

5. Quadcept | Japan

Osaka-based ECAD software provider Quadcept wants to shake up the global ECAD business by adopting a subscription model for its own powerful software, a potentially disruptive approach that could level the playing field for hobbyists and SMEs.

6. Lookup | India

Lookup is like a Craiglist cum WhatsApp for local businesses. It lists businesses, restaurants, and even police stations – but unlike Craigslist or JustDial which would give you a number to dial, Lookup lets you shoot off a message without leaving the app. And the recipient store or restaurant, which also has Lookup on its mobile device, can respond instantly. And, just to ensure it happens, Lookup even has a call centre tracking the messages. The startup just raised a second dose of US$100,000 in seed funding.

7. Gugenka | Japan

Gugenka provides lightning sensors to give organizations that need extra peace of mind – schools, tourism bureaus, outdoor event producers. The company already secured deals with Osaka area public facilities, tourist spots like Takeda Castle, and Osaka’s premier music festival.

8. Uberple | South Korea

Uberple is a South Korean startup that wants to cut the time and manpower required to incorporate chat functions into apps. The company’s flagship SDK, called Appspand, requires pasting just a few lines of code onto the backend software to add instant messaging, file sharing, voice chat, and video chat.

9. MoneyForward | Japan

MoneyForward, an online accounting startup from Japan servicing both individuals and companies, announced this weekthat it raised a series B round. It started out as a personal finance app, and enjoys the top position in Japan, with 1.8 million users.

10. MadRat Games | India

MadRat Games, a Bangalore-based startup which has been creating Indian-themed board games since 2010. Their flagship product Aksharit, the world’s first board game in Hindi, is an Indian version of Scrabble and has reached 3,000 schools across India through state government partnerships.

11. Nice | China

Nice, an up-and-coming Instagram replacement for China, just announced it has closed a US$36 million series C round of financing. The app has a bilingual user interface that will switch depending on your phone’s language, and is pretty simple and Instagram users should feel more or less at home. Snap a pic, upload it, edit and add filters, then post it.

12. LivSpace | India

Home design and decor startup LivSpace raised its first round of funding of US$4.6 million. The Bangalore-based ecommerce startup lets you pick up individual pieces of furniture as well as entire sets of furniture and other interior decor items that can go together. You can also hire a designer on LivSpace or customize the products based on your requirements.

13. GoodPatch | Japan

Goodpatch is a Japanese design firm which recently launched a new tool for designers and developers. Prott, the startup’s new prototyping tool can now be used to design apps for the Apple Watch.


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