FBI is Hiring ‘Ethical Hackers’ Cyber Agents

The FBI is now hiring technology experts to join their forces in roles like cyber special agents and computer scientists with experience in ethical hacking, malware analysis, and computer programming.

Photo: fbi.gov
An ‘ethical hacker’ is a person who breaks into a system to check its security. Their intentions are not to hurt the system, but to make it safer.
There are many institutes that offer ethical hacking courses, where students are taught various skills like offering recommendations on mitigating vulnerabilities, advising developers regarding system security needs, and updating security procedures.
The FBI has been involved in international operations against cyber crimes, including Blackshades RAT and Gameover Zeus.
The law enforcement agency has also used cyber intelligence in cases pertaining to counter terrorism and criminal activities and most recently began investigating the crippling Sony hack.
Robert Anderson, Jr., FBI executive assistant director, said that they’re looking to hire several cyber agents, as cyber is an area that will need a lot of talent in the coming years.
The FBI has posted a list of preferred educational qualifications and work experience to hire their cyber special agents. The agency has posted several criteria for the applicants, including a sound knowledge of programming. The right candidate should also pass background checks and fitness tests.
“Key requirements to be a special agent include passing a rigorous background check and fitness test. Agents must be at least 23 and no older than 37. Prospective cyber special agents are expected to meet the same threshold as special agents, but also have a wealth of experience in computers and technology.”
Applicants should have at least a four-year degree in applied and computational math, digital and computer forensics, and computer details systems. Since the FBI is looking for ethical hackers, one way to get selected by them is to get a certification in ethical hacking.
The FBI isn’t the only agency looking to hire hackers as their security experts. Many companies in the UK are also searching for hacking enthusiasts as their security specialists.
Such companies hire ex-hackers and offer them lucrative salaries to test their security systems, locating weak points, which can be strengthened with appropriate patches. However, it’s a dangerous zone and companies should be careful before hiring criminals, according to experts.
With the growing number of hacking incidents, cyber security jobs are very much in demand these days. A study by Burning Glass Technologies shows that there were more than 200,000 job postings for cyber security experts in the US.
“The FBI seeks highly talented, technically trained individuals who are motivated by the FBI’s mission to protect our nation and the American people from the rapidly evolving cyber threat,” said Anderson.
One problem with government agencies is that they don’t offer the same salaries as their private counterparts. For example, while the report by Burning Glass Technologies stated that the average salary of cyber security experts in 2013 was $93,028 per year, the FBI is offering something between $59,340 and $76,568. Applications are open until January 20.

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