Smart Phone Tracking Location

Data leaks through power consumption? Don’t be surprised because security researchers have discovered a way to track your every move by looking at your Android smartphone's consumption of the battery power,even if you have GPS access unable. Researchers at Stanford University and Israeli Defense Research Group, Rafael, have developed a new technology, which they have dubbed "PowerSpy", that have capability to gather the geolocation of Android phones by simply by measuring the battery usage of the phone over a certain time.

Unlike Wi-Fi and GPS access, the battery consumption data does not need the users’ permission to be shared and is freely available to any downloaded and installed application. Therefore, this data can be used to track a phone with up to 90 percent accuracy.

All an attacker would need to do is use an application — any application you download and installed onto your Android smartphone — to measure your phone's battery information in an attempt to track your smartphone’s location.

PowerSpy was tested on both an Android LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphone handsets, and researchers found that 90 percent of the time the Android’s location could be determined – even when the user wasn’t using their phone. This new discovery could have given spies a powerful new tool to track you.

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