Why Computer running slow

Why is my computer running slow ?? A slow computer can be a major problem for productivity, but when you finish read this article you will conclude that it can be the minor of your problems, worst things can be happening. Police is fighting with criminals, medical doctor with disease, firefighter with fire, and computers with malware. It was, it is and it will be in the future.
But not every “virus” is excalty the normal virus that we are used to it. We have many kinds of them.
Not every malware wants destroy computers. But they all have a detrimental effect on a computer normal work.

In this article i will try describe the most common.
Virus – This is a piece of code, which one is trying replicate themself on every start in the background on other normal code. Every attemp completed successfully is called as the infection. At the Begin user don’t see any problems, but later computer will be slower (with every copy virus is using more RAM memory), to sad finale.
It can be blue screen, a totall shutdown also called blue screen of death.

Warm – Exists separately from the other code (main difference between virus and warm), replicate themself over the local network. Usually is responsible for slower work of computer, but generalny less dangerous than virus.

Logic bomb – This is the code placed in the software by the intruder. This code is whiting for optimal condidions and is starting making mess inside of infected computer systems. Usually very dangerous for computer.

Trojan horse – Usually this code is producing a semblance of legal software, doing useful things but working in the backround to the detriment of computer. In this aim is using permissions of user , of which one account has been installed. Can be dangerous.

Backdoor – Called also trapdor. This mechanism avoid system security and is doing unauthorized actions on computer. Is for quality of system work, but usually not dangerous. Often using for stealing data.

Exploit – The code which is using excatly one gap in system security or few of them.

Autorooter – Hack mechanism , allows breaking on computer with root permissions.

Downloader – Software for downloading and installing new malware on computer. Often distributed by mails. Usally dangerous for system.

Of course there is much more kinds of malware, but way of them work is simillar to those above. That’s why very important is update database of malware in your antivirus software.
We are creating some tutorials on how to fix a slow computer. We will also suggest some free computer cleanup software and introduce the microsoft windows malicious software removal tool.


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